Fun in the snow.

We have spent some time this morning in the snow. The children enjoyed building a snowman. We didn’t have time to build an igloo but we used our knowledge of walls to make a snow wall for Humpty Dumpty instead.


This week we have been learning about Ketley in the 1900’s. We went on a walk and looked at the old Ketley Infants building. We compared the schools and looked at old pictures. We have completed some writing, maths and art activities that we are looking forward to everyone seeing at our open evening event next week.

This afternoon we used Google and YouTube to find out about the incline plane.

Den Day 

We have spoken about our homes, used google maps to find some houses. We have also shared our thoughts on how it might feel to be homeless. This week we have written and drawn pictures to help us decide which resources to use to make our dens.

JJ decided to be ‘class photographer ‘ … take a look at some of his photos.