Weddings and weeding.

The children are all preparing for our wedding on Thursday 24th May. They have made bouquets and the scarecrows from last week’s story.  They have also been tending to our planters, looking after our strawberry and raspberry plants which are growing well. 


Douglas’s trousers.

We have had a very exciting day today. Sarah Griffiths a local author came to share her story of Douglas with us. Afterwards the children got to explore the contents of  a treasure chest as well as writing their own potion ingredients using some alliteration.

This week we have been learning about Ketley in the 1900’s. We went on a walk and looked at the old Ketley Infants building. We compared the schools and looked at old pictures. We have completed some writing, maths and art activities that we are looking forward to everyone seeing at our open evening event next week.

This afternoon we used Google and YouTube to find out about the incline plane.