This week we have been learning about Ketley in the 1900’s. We went on a walk and looked at the old Ketley Infants building. We compared the schools and looked at old pictures. We have completed some writing, maths and art activities that we are looking forward to everyone seeing at our open evening event next week.

This afternoon we used Google and YouTube to find out about the incline plane.

Forest school 2

JJ “I liked carrying the logs.”

Riley “I enjoyed the mud.”

Rebecca “I loved playing in the mud as well.”

Harrison “Building the den was fun.”

Jacob ” it was very fun for me.”

Fraser ” I liked playing in the mud kitchen

Ruby “my favourite was jumping in the mud.”

Forest School.

Class one have really enjoyed their first forest school session. We found some exciting items like pine cones, moss and gorse flowers. Afterwards we had lots of fun in the mud, some children made mud pies, others built a den, and lots of children enjoyed jumping in the muddy puddles.