Class 1, what a magnificent year!

Mrs Roden, Mrs Bissell,and Mrs Argent would like to say thank you to all of the children in class one. We have had a lovely year, filled with fun activities and explorations. It has been a pleasure to watch the children build friendships and gain confidence. Good luck in year one everyone.

One amazing year!

In class two we have had lots of fun this year, here are some of our favourite bits:

Harry – sharing toys with my friends

Riley – being in the classroom and learning

Lilly – I like choosing time

Preston – hunting for animals

Isaac – I like to find bugs

Jayden – I like it when I have the robot

Michael – playing with Jayden 

Jaxen – playing with Michael

Reece – playing with all my friends

Tyler – I love everyone and I will really miss class 2

Oliver m – sharing with my friends

Bailey – playing Pokemon

Layla – I love drawing pictures 

Oliwia – playing with onisha

Onisha – doing my maths

Zoe – playing with all of my friends

Peter – I want to stay

Jasmine – being nice and kind to my friends

Oliver h – playing with my friends

Caitlyn – playing with Brooke and Charlotte

Brooke – I like doing handwriting

Charlotte – playing with Brooke and caitlyn

Jessica – playing in the role play 

Kimberley – playing with Jessica 

Skylar – I just love all my friends

Aaron – I like skylar

Alfie – playtime

Lola- I like helping people when they fall over

Summer – I love playing with my friends 

Karolina- oliwia makes me happy

This week we have been learning about Ketley in the 1900’s. We went on a walk and looked at the old Ketley Infants building. We compared the schools and looked at old pictures. We have completed some writing, maths and art activities that we are looking forward to everyone seeing at our open evening event next week.

This afternoon we used Google and YouTube to find out about the incline plane.