One amazing year!

In class two we have had lots of fun this year, here are some of our favourite bits:

Harry – sharing toys with my friends

Riley – being in the classroom and learning

Lilly – I like choosing time

Preston – hunting for animals

Isaac – I like to find bugs

Jayden – I like it when I have the robot

Michael – playing with Jayden 

Jaxen – playing with Michael

Reece – playing with all my friends

Tyler – I love everyone and I will really miss class 2

Oliver m – sharing with my friends

Bailey – playing Pokemon

Layla – I love drawing pictures 

Oliwia – playing with onisha

Onisha – doing my maths

Zoe – playing with all of my friends

Peter – I want to stay

Jasmine – being nice and kind to my friends

Oliver h – playing with my friends

Caitlyn – playing with Brooke and Charlotte

Brooke – I like doing handwriting

Charlotte – playing with Brooke and caitlyn

Jessica – playing in the role play 

Kimberley – playing with Jessica 

Skylar – I just love all my friends

Aaron – I like skylar

Alfie – playtime

Lola- I like helping people when they fall over

Summer – I love playing with my friends 

Karolina- oliwia makes me happy


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