An afternoon at Apley Woods

Despite the rain Class 3 had a super afternoon at Apley Woods, we all had a nature checklist to tick off when we saw exciting things. We enjoyed looking at the sculptures and we even found a secret tree we could all sit inside.

SDC10731 SDC10732 SDC10734 SDC10735 SDC10737 SDC10738 SDC10739 SDC10740 SDC10741 SDC10742 SDC10743 SDC10744 SDC10747 SDC10748 SDC10749 SDC10750 SDC10751 SDC10752 SDC10753 SDC10754 SDC10755 SDC10756 SDC10757 SDC10758 SDC10759 SDC10760 SDC10761 SDC10762 SDC10763 SDC10764 SDC10765 SDC10766 SDC10767 SDC10768 SDC10769 SDC10770 SDC10771 SDC10773 SDC10774 SDC10775 SDC10776 SDC10777 SDC10778 SDC10779 SDC10780 SDC10781 SDC10783 SDC10784 SDC10785 SDC10786 SDC10787 SDC10788


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