A wet walk in the woods …

All set and ready to go! The children in EYFS braved the rain (again!) and had a lovely walk in the woods at Apley.  In spite of the rain, all of the children said they had a fantastic time, with Lola saying it was “the best trip ever!”

We enjoyed looking for the things on our Woodland walk checklist, and seeing some of the sculptures and large trees.

Our thoughts on our trip to Apley Woods.


Logan: “ We went inside a tree.”

Lilah : “I liked going in the tree.”

Summer : “ I liked going in the tree.”

Ava : “I did like the exploring we did.”

Alex: “I was happy that we went by the door.”

Chloe : “I liked doing everything on the trip.”

Finley: “I liked it. It was raining.”

Lola: “It was the best trip.”

Joseph: “When we went in the trees I had my snack.”

Connor: “I liked the door, and everything.”

Lucie: “I liked it on the bus. And I liked the cave.”

Lewis: “I wasn’t scared of the spooky door.”

Lleyton: “I liked everything, I liked seeing the birds.”

Sevak: “I liked seeing the water, it was like a beach.”

Manahal: “We found some bark.”

Maisie: “The cage wasn’t scary.”

Jaxon: “I liked the swans and the geese, I liked the bus that we gone on.”

Jason: “There were words in that scary cave.”

Aron: “I liked the big tree.”

Alfie: “The cave was so scary, I think there was a big monster in there.”

Harry: “I knew it had a scary door there, I bet bats live in it because it’s dark.”

Sophie M: “I liked the cave too. We didn’t see a squirrel.”

Rouya: “We got some leaves.”

Sophia: “I liked going in that place that Harry said.”

Sophie N: “The cage was good, I went in it.”

Kaiden: “When I found a leaf it was exciting.”

Mason: “I tried to go in the puddle. It was raining. I looked at the birds.”

Amelia: “A cave. It was scary.”

Callum: “It was good.”



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