Floating and sinking.

Earlier this week the children in Classes 2 and 3 decided to explore the terms “floating” and “sinking”. During their explorative play, they realised that not all ‘light’ objects floated.

Tuesday 19th April 2016.                 

Floating and Sinking. Existing knowledge:

Connor “Floating means it floats in the air.” Maisie: “Sinking it goes down.”

Lucie: “Floating it stays up. Sinking it goes down.”   Manahal “Bubbles can float.”   Sophia “Oranges float.”

Amelia: “It’s like jumping around.”   Alfie: “Bubbles can float and pop.” Lilah “Floating means they stay up.”   Ava “Floating means like when you swim, or like a boat.” Joseph: “Sinking is because things are heavy and they sink down under water.”

We tested some items to see what would happen.

Alfie “The bowls floated up.”   Jason “When you put a stick in it will float. The rock will sink down.”

Ava “I think the shell will sink, it’s not heavy though. It sinked. A boat is heavy but it still floats. The shell is light but it sunk.”

Summer May “The stick floats, is it because it is dark?”

Lola “The blocks are floating, I think they must have air in them.”

Lleyton “ The air makes bubbles float.”

Lilah “It needs air inside it to float.”

Joseph “Things that sink don’t have air in.”

We used the internet to find out more. We found some ICT games to play.



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