Den Day 

We have spoken about our homes, used google maps to find some houses. We have also shared our thoughts on how it might feel to be homeless. This week we have written and drawn pictures to help us decide which resources to use to make our dens.

JJ decided to be ‘class photographer ‘ … take a look at some of his photos.

A surprise visit.

An air ambulance had to land on our field yesterday. We were very lucky to be able to go and speak to the crew and see the helicopter up close.

JJ – “it took 4 minutes to travel from Cosford to Meadows.”

Harrison – “The helicopter had been to Manchester and Liverpool.”

Leo – “There was a pilot, a man that helps him to know where to go. The two seats in the back were for the ambulance people. The pilot has tests to get even better at driving the helicopter.”

Lexi – “They help people.”

Faith – “they help a lot of people.”

Kayle – “the man had a map to tell him which way to go.”

Fraser – “they have helmets to keep them safe.”